Website articles – Why is article important for websites.

  • Gives your website capability to speak to your customers via words.
  • Keep Your Audience Informed and Updated
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Increase your SEO, More Content, More Keywords
  • Develop better customer relationships

When you think of presenting something on your website, it is usually some description to read followed by a promotional button like click now, buy now, contact me, etc.
These type of reading is perfect for your business if users are ready to contact you or purchase the product you are selling. What about the users who were looking for some similar kind of product and were not sure, they might be searching similar product and services online, and the search results brought them to your website article because you had an article on the topic they were searching for. After reading the article, the user may get convinced with your product and will most likely become a customer.

There are also some users/visitors just to see what type of product or services you have and to get some help, knowledge, and understanding by reading about your services.
The sales pitch and buy now button will not assist them to become a client because it is too direct and looks like a catch but article related to that subject may help them to convert into paying customer.

Dos and Donts of your website article.

Do not make promotion to direct
Promotional articles look like a promotion to intelligent readers.
Believe it or not, but articles which are specially written for promotional value sounds like a promotion to intelligent readers. They know that you are promoting your product or services. Some users might get upset with that because it looks like a catch.

Keep advertising jargons to minimum

Keep the sales pitch kind of words to its minimum do not talk about how great your product is or how easy is it to use, or you are the best service provider.

Show Real Facts
Do not say you are greatest, Do not say number one, do not say best in your area. Try to present facts. Try to show the figures, data, certificates. Do not worry if you do not have significant data to show off. You can write about your journey and your plans to become great.

Video demo and video introduction are great to add to your website article. It gives a real voice and face to your business. Product demo or product use can also be shown via videos.
Youtube is a great free place to host the video. You can link and embed the videos from youtube to your blog.

Introduce your service in a very subtle manner so that it does not seem like you are forcing the user to contact you or buy your product. It should be the decision of your users to communicate with you.

The main intention of the article should be helping the user, not marketing. To achieve this, various type of article you might want to add to your website.

  • Tips and Tricks
  • Research, data and reports
  • Latest news about your product or service.
  • How-tos
  • Similar Interest
  • Promotional
  • Benefit to your user or demographic


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