Below is the sample of the print advertisement for the day care.

height: 5.5 inches
Width: 11.5 Inches
Full color 300 DPI
This print advertisement was created for the print ad which goes in mail to the neighborhood places.

Front of the Print Advertisement

The front of the advertisement is composed of one Stock image and copy provided by the client.
The full space is used with one image showing little kids hand dipped in color to depict the fun learning environment.

Advertisement for print

Back of the Print Advertisement

The back side of this print ad is composed of 2 stock image and a logo.
The content is provided by the client as well. The logo below is used as a placeholder. Website and the name of the company are not shown because of non-disclosure contract.
Pre-made template is placed to be used for the postal stamp and the address

Advertisement for day care

Work in Progress image below

Below is the picture taken when this print ad was WIP,  when this advertisement was work in progress and almost done. Yes thats my computer and this picture was taken by my i phone.

Unfinished picture of the advertisement

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