What happens after joining a new company? and how you can try to handle it.

Reality of joining a new company is that it is not as shiny as it seems from outside. When you are being interviewed you say a lot about how you have done work in the past and how do you see your future. More success stories and fewer failures are discussed even though you know that there are more failures and less success. All your skills are shown off with greater details no matter its soft and hard skills. your communication skills, management skills organizational skills or any skills of skills. You want to show that you are expert in using certain tools to benefit you and your job and it saves time. You not only become Jack of all traits but also master of all during interviews.
Similarly, the company tells you about the team, about the culture the work, their plans and the team they want you to handle. You get a job and everyone is happy.

The job promised is not always the job you get

If you are a person who is a go-getter and want to make a difference by changing things fast and quick sometimes your dreams can be crushed after joining a company.

Remember that company when hires a full-time employee has a vision in mind and they are employing so that they can move forward slowly and steadily towards that vision and goal together as a team.

The company cannot change its mindset because you have chosen to join it.

You may be working on great projects and had a lot of reputation in your past company but remember there you were established, people knew you and your work. The new company has established culture and workflow, here you still need to prove yourself by maintaining the workflow as well as cultural flow.
To prove yourself you may not get all the technologies and team you ideally would like to have but work with what is there and make the best out of that.

See the brighter side

The best part after joining a new company is that most people at the job are not expecting a miracle out of you in a month but they all are ok with the change which is slow but steady and more importantly in the right direction.

Take right steps in the right direction. Do not worry if you are taking a step and you fail as long as the intention is right and few people are aware of your experiment.
The first phase of the job needs you to meet with people and get along with them well rather than show the knowledge of your skillset. By meeting people and talking to them you will learn a lot about the company’s product, people, culture, interest etc.

People will judge you initially especially people who would feel threaten or people who have trust issues, that should not affect how you do your work. Listen, learn and execute.

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