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One negative experience can ruin the relationship with the company if not handled carefully. And it takes only one experience which can change the negative attitude of the customer into a happy and satisfied attitude.

Here I am sharing a personal experience which recently happened.

You must have heard about Fitbit, if not – it is an exercise tracking device and commonly used by people interested in tracking their steps. I received a Fitbit last year as my birthday gift. This year in July it started wearing off. The strap started coming off. I tried taping it, Used rubber band but nothing seemed to be working.
I sent the email to Fitbit customer support to tell them about it finally thinking that I should have sent the email before the year was because usually electronics have a year guarantee. I sent the email for letting them know that this excellent product lacks the robust strap.

To my amazement, I received an email from them which not only said sorry but also gave me the offer for replacement.
I am sharing how the emails went between me and Fitbit support. Below you can read all the emails exchanged between them and me.

Hello Poonam,

Let’s find a solution to the strap of your Fitbit Charge HR coming off from one side and the bubble inside of it, so that we can get you back on track as soon as possible. First of all, let us say, what an amazing gift you got there! Whoever got it for you sure made the best choice. We appreciate you attaching a picture of your Charge HR, as this helps us to assist you better.

In order for us to investigate your Charge HR’s warranty status, please let us know: Country of residence
When and where you purchased it
If you received it as a gift, please let us know when.
Note that if you purchased the item from fitbit.com, we were unable to locate an order associated with this email address. Please provide the email address associated with the order.
Lastly, if you received your product from an employer, please tell us the company name and the month and year you received it.
We look forward to your reply.


(Name hidden for Privacy). and the Fitbit Team

My Email to them

Hi, Thanks for the email.

I live in New Jersey, USA.
This was purchased from REI store in New Jersey in August 2015. I first saw the strap started coming off a few months ago and in mid-September I noticed one bubble on one side and now the second as shown in the picture.

Please let me know if I can be of any help

Hi Poonam,

You’re very welcome. It is our main purpose to provide you with the best customer experience that you can ever get, you deserve it!

Thanks for letting us know your country of residence, and when and where you got your Fitbit Charge HR.
Upon researching our system, we see that your Charge HR is still covered under our limited product warranty. So, we’d like to provide you with a complimentary replacement.

Please provide the following information so we can ship your replacement:Full name:
Street address (line 1):
Street address (line 2):
Postal Code:
Phone number:
Tracker size and color:
We have the following options:

– Black in XL, L, or S
– Plum in XL, L or S
– Teal in S

Note that you can choose a different color from your original Charge HR.
We look forward to hearing from you.

My Email to them

Hi, Thank you so much for considering my request.

The details you asked are
I sent them my name Address etc
Tracker size and color: I am not sure about the size but it can be Small, And I would like Black
Thank you again!

Hello Poonam,

You’re most certainly welcome.
Thanks for providing us with your information. Your replacement is now being processed and your confirmation number is (Number not shown for Privacy) .

You’ll receive another email from fitbit.com with a link to your order status. Your order should arrive within 5 to 7 business days from the date of shipment. Note excludes weekends.that business days excludes weekends.

When your replacement Fitbit Charge HR arrives, visit How do I set up my tracker? for setup instructions. In the meantime, hang on to the charging cable and any other accessories that came with your original tracker, since replacement packages usually include the tracker only. When you receive the replacement, recycle your defective tracker at an e-waste recycling facility.

We hope to have you making the most out of your Charge HR. If any question comes up, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re more than happy to further assist you.

My Email to them

Hi, Where should I send my damaged Fitbit?

Please let me know and I will return it.Thanks! (I was not sure from the previous email that they simply asked me to dispose the original tracker)

Hi Poonam,

We don’t want to put you trough any hassle, so all we ask for you to do is to recycle your defective tracker at an e-waste recycling facility.
Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have additional questions, we’ll gladly further assist you. Best wishes!

Below is the email I received the email from the order and shipment department of Fitbit

Here’s what you ordered:
Order #: Number Hidden here
Order Date: 10/6/16
ITEMQTYCOST Replacement Fitbit Charge HR (Black) – Small
Customer service only 1$0.00 Subtotal
Shipping Handling
$0.00 SHIPPING METHOD: Free (5 Business Days*)

They did not leave here. There was another email after this to make sure I was happy

Hi Poonam,

Reply to this email to let us know if we can further assist you in regards to your inquiry:
Charge HR – Damaged – Charge HR

Fitbit Support.

The result is that I will always remember this smooth and happy ending to my problem. I am into exercise and many people ask me about the tracker I use. Now I will always promote Fitbit not because the product was great (Well it was good too) but because the customer service was amazing because I know in case something goes wrong with my friends Fitbit’s they will be in safe hand. Will have excellent customer service experience.

I bought one for my family member for Christmas as well which was never on the radar before this experience.

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